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I was a bit apprehensive about spending the money for a tool I’ll only use on the weekends for bbq’ing but then I thought it would really ruin my weekend if a propane bottle blew up in my face and caught me on fire.... so I went with this and I can tell it’s not cheaply made. Two small bottles down of propane and no explosions haha. Would recommend fo sho.


This thing it POWERFUL !!! Wow! Shipping was super fast, great product, can't get any easier! Love it! Thanks for elevating my steaks from great to AMAZING!!!


This torch is AWESOME. Puts out a huge, hot flame, and is easy to use, hold & control. This seller is very professional & has a great product. The torch has many uses. I will be recommending this to all of my grilling buddies. I am VERY happy with this purchase!
*** Get one, you won’t be sorry. ***


I love it.
It’s really easy to use. I have been using to light charcoal for bbq. It’s super fast and coals are ready to cook on in minutes. I also used it to start a wet wood camp fire and it worked amazing. Can’t wait to try it on a suvee steak. I would recommend it for multiple uses.


 “I’ve never sent an email to a company to tell them how a product performs, you’re the first. I purchased SearPro on KickStarter to add speed to Souse Vide cooking… It’s like jet engine!!! … My eyes bugged out of my head, like a kid getting a new bike.”


 The large blue flame, incredible heat production and power are ridiculous (some might say too much, but no way, it’s fantastic!).
I seared a 3-inch thick tomahawk steak after cooking it slow and low for over 2 hours – the crust on the outside was absolutely incredible with no grey banding of the meat. It took under 10 seconds to sear each side and the meat was left sizzling! The entire tomahawk steak was engulfed in flame which, as the name suggests, literally seared the meat evenly. There was no section that burnt and no section that seared more than others – just an amazing even crust all around.


 In terms of build quality, the product is solid and really well made. It’s definitely a conversation piece as guests hear it roaring like a jet engine and see the food engulfed in flame as it is seared beautifully.


This is definitely a product for people who are serious about barbecuing and/or sous vide, and getting a fantastic crust on perfectly cooked food in under 10 seconds. Your barbecue alone and/or a torch will not put the same crust on food as the SearPro, not even with an infrared burner.
I highly, highly recommend this product, but again, only for those who are serious about getting a great crust and are not intimidated by using an open flame with a huge heat capacity to finish food.


 “Man, you need to get this product sponsored or something. Not many people know about it and it’s hands down the best searing torch/flamethrower I’ve used for sous vide. It’s literally 20 seconds per side and perfect results every time! Kudos for inventing this product.”


“I’ve been using my SearPro torch for a little over a month now. All I can say is Wow! I’ve used it over twenty times for sous vide searing (steaks and ribs), small grilling jobs (veggies/jalapeños), browning buns, melting cheese on burgers, etc. It gives you the freedom to locally brown small areas combined with the power to sear a rack of ribs. Versatile and powerful. I’m surprised I’ve used it as much as I have but as I find myself working it into more and more of my cooking. Thanks for expanding and improving my cooking capabilities.”