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Q: How long does one 1lb propane tank last?

A: If used twice a week for searing food products it should last 1-2 months. With the low cost of these propane tanks (approximately $3/bottle), this item is very cost effective. If used for longer burn times (such as lighting charcoal grills or starting campfires), you may only get 8-10 uses out of one tank. In short, one tank lasts quite a while.

Q: Can this torch be used indoors?

A: Many of our customers use it indoors. However, we recommend using it outdoors and we always encourage customers to use their own best judgement. Make sure that the area you are searing in is well ventilated and clear of any flammable objects.

Q: What type of fuel should be used?

A: We only recommend propane gas.

Q: Why is my torch not lighting?

A:There is a very specific way to light the torch. Sometimes the spark is hard to see. Try tipping the nozzle up to a 45 degree angle and use very little fuel to ignite it. If it still doesn't ignite, give a little more fuel and try again. If you use too much fuel it will not light, less is more. You just want to barely be able to hear the propane starting to come out. After the torch is lit you can turn up the flame power as needed by adjusting the red knob. Here are some videos that show how to properly ignite the torch.

Q: Which tanks can Irefill with the adapter?

A: SearPro HIGHLY recommends only using the 1LB propane tanks that are certified as refillable.